La influencia de Mark Rein·Hagen en el vampiro del siglo XXI

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Re: La influencia de Mark Rein·Hagen en el vampiro del siglo XXI


Mensaje por Voivoda » 14 May 2020, 00:08

Rein•Hagen vuelve al tema vampírico. Os pego una actualización que ha hecho en Facebook.

"If you're interested in seeing how to do Vampires and other monstrous creatures right in a gritty realistic horror-fantasy setting you should to check out my new project: LOSTLORN, in which the first game is going to be FANG KNIGHT.

It's great to back not only creating a whole new world again but being able to work on Vampires again but in a different way, in a new context, and in a completely different setting.

Some are calling it "Vampire: The Masquerade meets Ars Magica" others are calling it "Game of Thrones" with a bite" or simply "Game of Fangs". I prefer simply to say that it is a whole new way to do fantasy, and as boldly innovative as Vampire was back in the day.

So if you are feeling somewhat unfulfilled by your nostalgia trip down memory lane and want to be part of something all-new, as a designer, writer, artist, critic or amanuensis (yes I still love 50 cent words), then join us in our "secret lair."

Either type Lostlorn in the search bar above or click here:

Hope to see you soon!

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