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Re: [Videojuego] Swansong

Publicado: 13 May 2022, 18:58
por Voivoda
Aquí está

Re: [Videojuego] Swansong

Publicado: 13 May 2022, 19:56
por Alexander Weiss
Y para la edición Primogénito del videojuego. :think:

Re: [Videojuego] Swansong

Publicado: 19 May 2022, 12:44
por Alexander Weiss
Hoy es el día de lanzamiento de Swansong. Ya disponible para Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, PC y Nintendo Switch.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TasT4b1 ... e=youtu.be

Re: [Videojuego] Swansong

Publicado: 19 May 2022, 16:59
por Voivoda

Re: [Videojuego] Swansong

Publicado: 20 May 2022, 11:06
por indomum
Fichas de Conocimiento del Boston by Night:

The Hartford Chantry

The dominant Kindred in Hartford and New Haven were the Gemini League, an elected consortium predominantly consisting of Ventrue and Tremere, who manage the domains of Connecticut, engage in the cryptic passwords, handshakes, and rituals of mortal secret societies, and wish for nothing more than splendid isolation away from the Kindred politicking of “lesser vampires.” When dragged into events beyond their realm, they respond with ferocity and frustration. In these nights, the Gemini League’s natural successor is the Hartford Chantry, though links between the Tremere of Hartford and Ventrue of New Haven remain strong.

• Arcane Authority: Once per story, you may select an object, and tell the Storyteller you want to discover if it was constructed through mundane or sorcerous means. You gain three bonus dice to an Intelligence + Occult roll to determine the object’s makings, with a critical success conveying exactly the manner of sorcery involved (if present). Revealing this knowledge can of course make this item highly sought-after, such as by an Enemy or Adversary.

•• Cryptic Politics: Once per session, during a social conflict you are a part of or observing, you gain two bonus dice in an attempt to determine whether one of the participants is a member of a mortal secret society, such as the Freemasons, Rosicrucians, or Skull and Bones Club. Revealing this information at the wrong moment could put a target on yours, or the target’s back. You need to know of the society to identify it, otherwise your roll just tells you the participant/s belong to a society with coded gestures and cryptic sayings.

••• On The Square: You benefit from a four-dot Ally from a secret society, such as the Knights Templar or a tradition of mages. However, to maintain this alliance you must attend a meeting with this ally at least once per story, and provide the society with one dot of Resources (deducted from your Resources for the remainder of, or at the start of the next story) in the form of an arcane artifact or intelligence. This Lore also provides you with token membership in this society, though if you wish to join fully, it requires a greater expenditure and should be handled under the Backgrounds of Contacts and Influence.

•••• The Chantry: You may use the Hartford Chantry as a three dot Haven with access to the library, which in turn reduces the cost of learning new Blood Sorcery Rituals to new Blood Sorcery Ritual ×3 (−1). In order to maintain this benefit, you must be a member in good standing of your faction. This benefit applies regardless of your clan.

••••• Mr. President: You’ve been elected to a position of authority in your faction, conveying four dots of Status in all domains within New England (or wherever your faction is present), and a two dot Retainer of complete loyalty. You gain a two dice bonus on attempts to use Intimidation, Leadership, and Persuasion-related rolls on anyone in the financial industry of New England (or appropriate locality), and all subordinate members of the faction. In order to maintain this Lore, you must court votes from other vampires in your faction and not embarrass the faction. If you are seen to frenzy, your position is stripped immediately.

The Boston Camarilla

The Kindred of Liberty fought a long series of wars against the British Camarilla, the Sabbat, and the Hecata, and whether through skill or just being the last faction standing, they survived. They dissolved in recent nights, abandoning their factional name and becoming the Boston Camarilla, though many “coals” still cling to the memory of the K.O.L. Now they govern Boston and intend to reach beyond the domain, absorbing the other cities of New England into their widening praxis. They do not suffer attempts to manipulate them or take what they’ve spent so long trying to capture.

• Comrades in Arms: You’re strengthened when alongside your comrades. Once per story, when announcing your identity as a member of your faction among your fellow factioneers, you may add three dice to a Resolve, Composure, or Willpower-based roll.

•• Sic Semper Tyranis: The Kindred of Liberty fought against tyrants and foreign invaders for over a century (despite themselves being, in large part, foreign invaders). Once per story, after identifying by sight an enemy of your coterie, you may make a staking maneuver in combat without the traditional −2 called shot penalty. You must have a staking device on you to fulfill this Lore.

••• Heart is Where the Home Is: Your territory (agree with the Storyteller beforehand over what location constitutes your territory) is vitally important to you, as are the people who live there. You have a Conviction as follows: Suffer no crimes against the people of my territory. This Lore enables you to enact violent reprisals against violators of this Conviction without fear of accumulating Stains. As well as a Touchstone character you must name and choose who lives on your territory, you gain a two dot Contact from persons on your territory (who may also be your Touchstone). This Lore also creates a one or two dot Adversary, in the form of an intruder’s domitor, sire, or coteriemate, if you destroy them just for stepping on your turf.

•••• Levers and Pulleys: You benefit from a three dot Retainer in the midst of the domain’s political backroom dealings, both mortal and undead, who regularly supplies you with information as a two dot Contact. However, this individual needs to be kept sweet — or they might reveal your identity as their master — and secure — as they’ll divulge a lot of information about you, if they’re caught ratting people out. At any time, you can pull this individual from their position and just keep them as a three dot Retainer, providing you keep supplying them with cash, vitae, or whatever their need happens to be.

••••• Unification: You just have a way of drawing people to the negotiating table. Once per story, you can send out invitations to courts in up to four neighboring domains, and expect them to send a high-ranking representative to your domain for a sitdown, even if they don’t like or respect you. You must succeed on a Manipulation + Etiquette roll when crafting this invitation, with Difficulty 6 succeeding in attracting a Herald, Difficulty 7 attracting a Primogen, and Difficulty 8 attracting a Prince or Baron. Additionally, once they’re in your presence, you gain a once per story two dice bonus to an attempt at diplomacy or negotiation with this group, even if what you’re selling is bunk. On the flipside of this Lore, if you fail in your negotiations with any of the attendees, the same individual won’t return to your domain, and could become your Adversary (variable dot rating, depending on the individual) as if you offended them.